Marine Science Magnet FAQs
Q: How do I apply for entrance into the Marine Science Magnet?

A: Magnet schools are available to all students in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Applications are mailed to all students enrolled in a LAUSD school in December. Applications are also available at local school sites and libraries. Due dates are usually in January. Please call a local school to find out this year's due date. Applications are processed through the Office of Student Integration and those who are selected or placed on wait lists will be notified in April.

Q: Do I have to maintain a certain grade point average to remain in the Magnet?

A: No, but we expect you to do your best. This is a rigorous college preparatory program and it will require hard work, commitment and dedication on your part.

Q: Do I have to take four years of math and four years of science?

A: Yes, math and science are our focus. Therefore, we expect you to take both math and science for all four years. Likewise, competitive colleges will look to see if you have taken the most rigorous academic classes available to you.

Q: This is my second year here, why am I still in the 9th grade?

A: To promote to the 10th grade, a 9th grader must earn 55 credits. Promotions are done in June and if two classes have been failed in the 9th grade year, the student will not move on to the 10th grade. This applies to 11th and 12th grade students as well. You must earn the appropriate number of credits to promote to the next grade.

Q: I earned a D in my math or language class. Why do I have to take it again?

A: You may not advance to the next level in math or language without a C or better. Even though each class passed with a D or better earns a student 5 credits. Ds in classes generally mean, "do over!" So, be sure to earn C's or better. Don't waste your time by getting a "D!"

Q: What are service hours?

A: Marine Science Magnet students are required to complete 25 hours of community service each year. Five of those hours must be marine science related. A verification letter on organization letterhead must accompany your hours if they are hours completed in a non-school organized activity.

Q: When are service hours due?

A: Service hours are due for 12th grade students on April 15 each year. For 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students, they are due on June 1 each year. Please keep a copy of your service hours and letters verification in a safe place.

Q: What happens if I do not complete my service hours?

A: When you are a senior, you will not participate in any senior activities including prom, Senior Extravaganza or the graduation ceremony.

Q: Can I do all 100 service hours in the 9th grade?

A: No, you may not "bank" hours. In other words, you cannot do them all during your freshmen year. You may, however, make up any missing hours during the subsequent years to ensure that you will be able to participate in senior activities.

Q: Can I do service hours during the summer?

A: Absolutely. Just make sure to get a verification letter on organization letterhead to verify the hours you have volunteered.

Q: How do I get my child out early for an appointment?

A: Please instruct your child to drop off the early out note to the Magnet Office before school. Please be sure to put a phone number on the note so that we may call and verify your signature and knowledge of the early out.

Q: My child won't be at school for three or more days because of an illness. How do I request his/her homework?

A: If your child will be absent for several days, call the Magnet Office and we will circulate a homework request. Please note, homework requests take 24 hours, so if the student will only be out for one day, it is not necessary to request homework.

Q: I need a copy of my transcript. How do I get one?

A: Transcripts can be obtained by completing a request form. Request forms are available in the Magnet Office. Transcripts for students who have graduated may be obtained with a written request. A $2 check must accompany the request. Transcripts take a minimum of 24 hours to obtain.