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Pirates Focus on Reform

Welcome to the Choice Section of the San Pedro High School website! While San Pedro High School goes through the process of writing a reform plan, we will keep ALL stakeholders updated regarding meeting dates, times, and locations, District deadlines, our progress in writing the plan, etc. Feel free to email us with ideas and concerns in regards to the Plan. We look forward to hearing from you. The input of ALL stakeholders is crucial to the success of this Plan and the future of San Pedro High School. Thank You.

The Public School Choice review will take place on Tuesday, March 27, 2012 and Wednesday, March 28, 2012.

Environmental Youth Leadership Summit Flyer

Join students like you for the first Environmental Youth
Leadership Summit at San Pedro High School on
Saturday, April 29, 2017. The one-day event features:
• Environmentally focused, hands-on exhibits
• Breakout sessions and exhibits led by
environmental leaders
• Keynote session with a special guest speaker
• Research showcase led by students like you

Click on link for more information.

Student ID's and Stickers

Greetings Students and Parents,

This is just a reminder that all SPHS students must have their school I.D's with them at all times. If a student has lost his/her I.D., please go to the Finance Office and purchase another I.D. The cost is $8.00.

Parents and students, please be reminded of the following policies:

1) In order to leave our school campus, a San Pedro High School I.D. is required at all times. Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, March 28th, students will not be able to leave the campus if they do not have their I.D. Jupiter Grades and Class Schedules will not allow students to leave the campus.

2) If a student travels from one campus to the other on the Bus, students must have a "B" Sticker.Students with a "B" Sticker must enter and exit from the 17th St. and Alma St. gate and must travel by Bus only.

3) If a student has a driver's license and has turned in all the necessary paperwork (Drivers License, Registration, Proof of Insurance) students will be issued an "A" Sticker. Students will then be able to drive to and from each campus. Parents, please note that students may not take other students in their vehicle.

4) San Pedro High students who do not have a 5th, 6th, 7th, or 8th-period class, must have the stickers with the respective number on their I.D. in order to leave the campus.

Thank you for your continued Support!
SPHS Administrative Team

Pathways to Employment (Employment Preparation & Job Opportunities)

On Saturday, April 1, the Northwest Neighborhood Council will again be hosting "Pathways to Employment." It is an amazing day of workshops, career tips, tricks and insight, mock interviews and food.

Students this is a wonderful opportunity looking forward and we hope to see you then!

SPHS WASC Mid Cycle Progress Report and School-Wide Action Plan

Schools that receive a status of accreditation with a mid-cycle visit host the mid-cycle visit during the third year of the six-year cycle. The visiting committee writes a visiting committee report and completes a confidential summary statement.

As a result of this visit, the six-year status of accreditation (1) may be reaffirmed; (2) may be reaffirmed and a special follow-up progress report and/or revisit may be required in one year; or (3) accreditation status may be withheld.

This is an important event for San Pedro High School as it provides an opportunity for various stakeholders to share what has been implemented from the original WASC Plan, school progress on critical areas, along with refinements.

The SPHS WASC Mid Cycle Progress Report and School Wide Action Plan could be viewed or downloaded by clicking on the link above.

International Collaborative Clean Up Event by Environmental Advocacy Team

What an awesome turnout for the Park Cleanup! We were honored to have about 17 students from Taiwan with us this past Saturday, volunteering.

Trash is a global problem no matter where you live. It was so nice to have our students working with international students to accomplish the same goal...helping mother nature.

Thank you Ms. Cheng for setting up this International Collaborative Event! Thank you to Idell Davis for providing refreshments for the event.
Thank you Environmental Advocacy Team for the good work this past weekend!

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