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L.A. Unified launches hotline, opens temporary resource sites to help students, families

Responding to ongoing concerns from students and families about last month’s presidential election, L.A. Unified today opened six temporary extended support sites, which offer emotional support, enrollment and attendance information and referrals to outside resources.
Located in each of L.A. Unified’s Local District offices, the sites will operate 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays, with limited hours during the upcoming Winter Break. Families can also get information by calling 866-742-2273.

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San Pedro High School Dress Code and Media Device Policy

Good Evening Parents and Guardians,

San Pedro High School's Faculty and Staff would like to reach out and ask for your support in regards to our dress code policy. San Pedro High School students will wear appropriate clothing that promotes a safe and healthy school environment. We thank parents, teachers, and staff for supporting our students in this regard so that we could have a safe, wonderful, and successful experience here at San Pedro School.

To support students, we will be asking teachers during the first block of the day, to greet students and ensure that they are meeting San Pedro High's dress code policy.

Students who do not meet the dress code policy, will be sent to the flagpole area to go over the student dress code policy. Parents will be contacted about the student's violation of the dress code policy and asked to support their child in meeting dress code expectations. Students who consistently violate the dress code policy will receive progressive interventions which include detention, counseling, behavior contracts, and loss of privileges to attend school functions and/or events.

Parents, please ensure that your children are dressed in appropriate attire before going to school. It is very important that we have your full support so that together, as a team, we can ensure that all of our students at San Pedro High School are safe, respectable, and responsible citizens.
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