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LAUSD Daily Highlights San Pedro High School's Partnership with the National Math and Science Initiative

NMSI partners were on hand during the event, including Carol A. Erickson, vice president and corporate capture executive from Northrup Grumman; Gen. Ellen Pawlikowski, commander, U.S. Air Force Materiel Command; San Pedro High School Principal Jeanette Stevens; and Christopher Downing, superintendent of Local District South. The sponsors will provide support for the program, totaling more than $900,000 over the next three years Click on the link for more details.

Meal Applications

Meal applications are available in the cafeteria, parent center or you can complete the application on your smart phones by logging into: If you are not eligible, there is a little box to click to indicate that you are not eligible. This box is also on the hard copy at the very top. Whether you are eligible or not the school will receive money for instructional materials and/or resources that will assist student academic achievement.

Edgenuity Credit Recovery Courses at SPHS

Students - need to make up a class?
If you have not yet met one or more of the A-G requirements for graduation, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! San Pedro High School is offering certain classes for credit recovery via EDGENUITY (Online PROGRAM). Click on the link for more details.

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Principal's Message

Principal's Message

Hello Pirates!

We are proud to open our school doors to our students on Tuesday, August 16, 2016, for the 2016-2017 school year! Our preparation for this year has been focused on student success. As we examine our successful strategies in increasing our 2016 graduation rates and attendance rates, as we review our strategies in our improved test results, and as we plan well to accommodate the needs of each individual student, we know that we are empowered by our fabulous community of supporters. Parents are the heart of the parent-school-student partnership. We thank you in advance for encouraging your child to persevere, for setting aside quality time to study every night, and for planning to check-in on your child's success by logging into JupiterGrades, and by calling or emailing our counselors, and our teachers. We are working hard to help your child reach their dreams, aspirations, goals and their fullest potential, and we thank you for your continued support.

On the morning of Tuesday, August 16, school begins at 8:06 am. Please have your child at school no later than 7:55 am so that they can find their classes in a timely fashion. All students should check the student lists posted in our common areas, including the cafeteria and flagpole area at Flagship and the main stairs in the courtyard of the E Building at Olguin. Students will find their name and the room number of their first period teacher. Report to period 1 to pick-up your class schedule.

Special Bell Schedules for the first week of school are as follows:
Tuesday, 8/16, dismissal at 12:58 pm (Counselors are available from 1 - 3:08 for schedule changes)
Wednesday, 8/17, dismissal at 12:58 pm (Counselors are available from 1 - 3:08 for schedule changes)
Thursday, 8/18, dismissal at 3:08 pm
Friday, 8/19, dismissal at 3:08 pm

Students that attended Registration Days had the opportunity to request schedules changes in advance. Almost all of those changes have been completed. If a student still needs a change, a form will be completed and submitted in the SLC office. Counselors will call students to the office based on the schedule change request forms.

Textbooks: All textbooks will be distributed during the first class period if they were not received during the Registration Day. If you do not have a textbook for a particular class, please be sure to let your teacher know so that you can be sent to the textbook room to receive the book.

Parents are needed at the following events coming soon:
Parent Elections to SSC, SBM, and additional Parent Leadership Opportunities: August 25th @ 5 pm
Back to School Night will be August 25th at Flagship from 6-8 pm
Back to School Night will be September 8th at Olguin from 6-8 pm

We are very excited about our results last year, about our plans to continue to grow this year, and about our partnership with you! Welcome to the 2016-17 school year Pirates!

With SPHS Pride and Respect,

Jeanette Stevens

San Pedro High School
1001 W. 15th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
310.547.3183 Fax
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Small Learning Communities

Important Events

Homecoming Dance Alexandria Ball Room
Date: 10/8/2016, 8 PM 11 PM
GATE/SAS Parent Informational Meeting Ms. Hoffman
Date: 9/22/2016, 6 PM 6:30 PM
Location: B13

Upcoming Events

ACC Meeting Period 4
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: Room 117
Halloween Show Glee Rehearsal Ms. Felix-Hernandez Period 6
Date: 10/24/2016
Location: Auditorium
Wrestling T-Shirt & Sweatshirt Fundraiser Starts Mr. Hernandez
Date: 10/24/2016
A-G Diploma Program Student Meeting Ms. Montoya & Ms. Fernandez
Date: 10/24/2016, 12 PM
Location: Auditorium
Halloween Show Tech Rehearsal Ms. Felix-Hernandez
Date: 10/24/2016, 3:30 PM 9 PM
Location: Auditorium

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San Pedro High School John M. & Muriel Olguin Campus
3210 S. Alma Street
San Pedro, CA 90731

Entrance is off of 32nd St. & Gaffey St.
Location of the Olguin Pool