Football:  Washington High @ SPHS Pirates on Fri., Oct. 24th @ 4 & 7pm -- Kaiser Permanente AIDS Awareness Assembly is Oct.22nd.  --  Safe School Plan Meeting on Oct. 29th in Rm 208 @ 3:30pm -- Free After School Tutoring Daily (Free Snacks Available).

2014-15 Bell Schedule

New Eight (8) Period Bell Schedule

Class Mon - Thurs
(and non-PD Fridays)
Class PD Fridays
Period 1 or 2 8:06 - 9:32 Period 1 or 2 9:11 - 10:21
Period 3 or 4 9:42 - 11:11 Period 3 or 4 10:31 - 11:43
Nutrition 11:11 - 11:26 Nutrition 11:43 - 11:58
Period 5 or 6 11:36 - 1:02 Period 5 or 6 12:08 - 1:18
Lunch 1:02 - 1:32 Lunch 1:18 - 1:48
Period 7 or 8 1:42 - 3:08 Period 7 or 8 1:58 - 3:08

Free Tutoring After School

(Snacks provided)
Teacher/Subject Location Date/Time
Mr. Kurdyla
English Language Arts & Math
(Olguin Campus)
Mon. & Wed.
Mr. Boden
All Levels Math
(Flagship Campus)
Mon. & Wed.
Mr. Sanchez
Algebra 1 & 2 / Geometry
RM 227
(Flagship Campus)
Mon., Wed., & Thur.
Mrs. Brasel-Smith
English Language Arts & Math
RM 229
(Flagship Campus)
Wed. & Thurs.
Mr. Myers
Algebra - Calculus
(Olguin Campus)
Tues. & Thurs.
Marissa P. Fitness Center Mon - Thur.

Daily Schedule

Odd Days - per. 1,3,5,7
Even Days - per. 2,4,6,8

  • Odd Schedule
  • Even Schedule
  • Special Schedule
  • Non School Days
October 2014 Daily Schedule

News and Announcements

Pirate Football
Fri., Oct. 24th @ 4pm & 7pm
Washington High @ SPHS Pirates
Support The Teams!
So Proud to be a Pirate!
SPHS Football vs Gardena Highschool - change in date!
Pirate Football...The Gardena game will be Thursday, October 30th (originally scheduled for Friday) JV - 4:00 pm, Varsity - 7:00 pm both games will be held at Gardena High School.
SPHS Performing Arts Department Presents: "The Halloween Show of Horrors"
Frightening Pirate Dancers,Sinister Pirate Choreo,Dreadful Stage Crew,Haunting Band,Terrorizing Glee and a Horrifying Ghost Filled Maze!
When: Wednesday, October 29th at 7:00pm
Where:In the SPHS Auditorium
Tickets:$10.00 at the door
$5.00 for students and seniors
Come and Get Your Spook On!
Safe School Plan Meeting
All stkeholders are invited to attend the scheduled Wed., Oct. 29th, Safe School Plan Meeting at 3:45 pm in Room 208. We review last year's goals and introduce new goals for this year. The Flagship and the Olguin Campuses are combining their efforts toward maintaining safe campuses. Remember, SPHS is one school that has two campuses which are called the Flagship and Olguin campuses.
2014 - 15 Student Behavior & Dress Codes (Click here)
Acceptable behavior, clothing and accessories rules apply to all students.
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Principal's Brief

Shalom* Pirates,

Attached is the bell schedule for our assemblies scheduled for Monday, September 22, 2104, at both the Flagship and Ogluin campuses. The assembly will be the Camfel production titled, "R-E-S-P-E-C-T". Please take a moment to review the special schedule which includes two fourth periods: 4A & 4B. Each teacher will be assigned to bring their period 4 students to the auditorium or MPR either 4A or 4B. Assignments will be published as soon as possible.

As we initially planned for this PRT week, we were unable to secure our special guest to discuss Bullying, however we are seeking to secure him for our PSAT three hour testing period on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. More information will be coming as soon as possible. The October 15, 2014 bell schedule will be posted on our website by this Friday afternoon.

The assembly on Monday will kick off our Peace, Respect, & Tolerance week. Various activities will take place this coming week as previously discussed during our SLC meetings. You will be hearing more announcements and be receiving additional information as this week comes to a close. We are hoping that next week, each teacher might be able to make connections via the curriculum for Peace, Respect & Tolerance. Whether it be a quick write, an entire lesson, or a special quote of the day to build the sentiment, we appreciate your efforts, great and small, in bringing the ideas of Peace, Respect & Tolerance to our students in a special way next week. Of course, the work of teaching PRT occurs in a variety of ways all year long, however our strategic focus for next week is to set high expectations for students as we begin this school year. Working together in sending the same message will have a tremendous impact on our students.

Next week, we observe an unassigned day on Thursday, September 25, 2014 (no school). As many of you know, this date is a Jewish Holiday, Rosh Hashanah ~ the Jewish New Year festival. It traditionally begins with the blowing of the Shofar, a ram's horn, 100 times on the first two days. Rosh Hashanah marks the beginning of the High Holidays, ending 10 days later in Yom Kippur. These holidays are considered a time for both rejoicing, serious introspection and atonement. During this High Holiday period, a common greeting is L'Shanah Tovah ~ meaning 'for a good year'.

We hope that next week is a wonderful week following our late night duties of Parent Conferences this week. If you have questions or concerns regarding PRT, please see me, Mr. Naazir, or your SLC Lead teachers.

In recognition of all of our families, friends, and co-workers celebrating the High Holidays, L'Shanah Tovah*,


*Shalom (shah-LOHM)
Hebrew. Literally, peace. A way of saying "hello" or "goodbye."
*L'Shanah Tovah (li-SHAH-nuh TOH-vuh; li-shah-NAH toh-VAH)
Hebrew. Lit. for a good year. A common greeting during Rosh Hashanah and Days of Awe. It is an abbreviation of L'shanah tovah tikatev v'taihatem (May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year).
*Have an easy fast
This is the proper way to wish someone well for Yom Kippur.

*Cited from: 9/17/14

Jeanette Stevens


San Pedro High School

1001 W. 15th Street

San Pedro, CA 90731


310.547.3183 Fax

With Pirate Pride,

Jeanette Stevens


San Pedro High School

1001 W. 15th Street

San Pedro, CA 90731


310.547.3183 Fax

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Small Learning Communities

Important Events

Parent Conferences (Olguin )
Date: 9/18/2014, 6 PM 8 PM
Parent Conferences ( Flagship )
Date: 9/16/2014, 6 PM 8 PM

Upcoming Events

Celebrate the 50th Day of School- Throwback to the 50's Proficient Attendance Day
Date: 10/23/2014
DVR Review- Special Education Department
Date: 10/23/2014
Location: Room 208 & Library
GLOBAL SLC Seniors- Tall Ships
Date: 10/23/2014
Location: Harbor
Global Academy- TALL Ships Field Trip- 60 Global Students- Ms. Franco
Date: 10/23/2014
Location: San Pedro Port
Title 1 Free Lunch Applications Deadline
Date: 10/23/2014
Location: Turn into Parent Center

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3210 S. Alma Street
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