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Cheer Coaching Position Available:

Applications will be accepted through October 14th, 2015, 4 pm. Hard copies are to be delivered to the Main Office, attention Jeanette Stevens, Principal. Resume, letter of intent, and three cheer references are required, including at least one parent reference. For questions, please contact Ms. Toles, 310-241-5811 or This position receives a stipend at the end of the cheer season.

Pirates AND Univision clips-Sept. 11 from our Fabulous Rally on 9/11

Congratulations to our kids and Ms. D. Gonzalez who all look fabulous! AND GREAT work done by JROTC! They hosted an amazing flag raising ceremony, honoring the victims of 9/11, AND they represented SPHS incredibly well in the video clips below! Thanks to Major Stiegleiter and Sargent Ellington!
Super thanks to Ms. Davidson and Ms. Cherry-Booth for all of the organization, and to all the adult support that made this possible, including but not limited to: Ms. Gonzalez, Mr. Jacobson, Ms. Carcamo, Coach Schatz, Coach Crouch, Ms. Erika Vasquez, Coach Crystal, Coach Shadow, and Coach Whitney. You rocked the P-House!
Take a look at the day on the links below.

Go Pirates!

( video conversion coming soon)


Greetings Pirates!

I'd like to welcome you to the new school year. We've been busy preparing for the first week of school, which begins on Tuesday, August 18, 2015. All students should be on campus no later than 8 am. Dismissal for Tuesday and Wednesday is at 12:58 pm. Students will come to their respective campus on Tuesday and look for their name on the posted rosters at various locations on campus. These rosters will be in highly visible locations. Students are to report to their period 1 class that is posted on the roster. Our period 1 teachers will provide students with their official school programs during the period 1 class. Again, both Tuesday and Wednesday of the first week of school dismiss at 12:58 pm. Thursday and Friday are regular school days with dismissal at 3:08 pm.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Fridays are no longer late start. Fridays will begin at 8 am and dismiss at 3:08. On the first day of school, students will be bringing home calendars, policies, procedures, and many forms and fliers that will need to be signed and return. The school calendar will be in this packet, along with the bell schedule. Alternating Tuesdays will have dismissl at 1:38 pm. Please remember to ask for the opening packet from your student!

You will receive more information about JupiterGrades, which is a web-based program that gives parents the ability to track student progress in each of their classes. Log-in information for JupiterGrades will be included in the opening day packet for students.

We look forward to seeing all of our Pirates at school on Tuesday and we are excited to have this opportunity to begin a fresh new year of student learning!

Go Pirates!

Jeanette Stevens

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Principal's Brief

Dear SPHS Pirates! ​

We have quite a few events coming up these last two weeks. Attached is a flier in regards to the Modernization meeting that will now be held on Wednesday, June 3.

Upcoming dates:

Week of May 26: Rollbook Checks (Last Day is May 29)
Tuesday, May 26: Reed PD by SLC 3:15-5:15
Thursday, May 28: Faculty End of Year Celebration
Monday, June 1: Senior Honors Recognition Assembly.
Tuesday, June 2: Reed PD (Last one for the 2014-2015 School Year!!)
Wednesday, June 3: Modernization Meeting in Aud at 6pm
Thursday, June 4: GRADUATION DAY at 5 pm.
Friday, June 5: Pupil Free Day (Morning Mtg @ 8am in the MPR @ Olguin)
Rollbook collection @ 1 pm in Main Offices
Reed Make-up Session C, D, or E from 1-3 in Room 117
Wednesday, June 10: Kagan Day 5 in MPR @ Olguin
The closing bulletin is being editing and will be distributed shortly.

Kudos to Ms. Cheng!
She is being honored with one of the 2015 Green Difference Awards. This coming Tuesday, she will receive the Outstanding Green-o-vation Award at The MA State House in Boston!!
Check out one or two of these to see more! Congratulations Ms. Cheng!!!

​CONGRATULATIONS to the following Global Students:
Graduate (100 hours of community service)
Graduation Stole and Certificate of Recognition
Marykathryn Stahnke
Jesuah Leah Hernandez
Gabriel Islas

Undergraduate ( 20 hours of community service)
Certificate of Recognition
Christopher Figuracion 11th Grade
Genavieve Mather 11th Grade
Sareta Gladson 10th Grade

Student recognition is given to students who conduct 20 hours of environmental service per year and high school graduates who perform over 100 hours (or more) total. Students can qualify for awards by working on a group project or individual projects. Environmental service hours can be accumulated as part of a special project or from a combination of courses, club activities, service or class projects, attended events, special programs, career exploration, and conferences. Member recognition includes a NGSS Recognition Certificate and a state-level citation.

Special thanks to all of our coaches that attended the scholarship dinner last night. It was a great event and many students were recognized. Our Pirate Booster President and the Booster organization put together a fabulous evening that honored rich traditions, past success, and many of our donors.

Special thanks to all of our activity sponsors, coaches, testing coordinators and helpers, and directors for the end of year performances and competitions. This time of year can be so hectic ~ but we know you help to keep it in perspective! Thanks for everything you do for our kiddos! We would not be the school that we are without you! We are especially proud of your hard work and dedication, and your ability to provide opportunities for our kiddos to shine!

Super thanks to Ms. Ritz for putting together our year long calendar. Many of the items needed for the finalization of the 2015-2016 school year calendar are not available yet from the District. SBM did a lot of work last night to get as much scheduling done as possible and as soon as a few more pieces are published by the District, the calendar will be published.

We are all very happy to have a much needed three day weekend! I hope you have plans to fill your cup up so that we can make it through the last two weeks of school. This is a challenging and stressful time of year ~ take special time for you this weekend to rejuvenate! Relax! Enjoy every moment of your three days!

Take care Pirates!

Jeanette Stevens
San Pedro High School
1001 W. 15th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
310.547.3183 Fax

Tue 5/12/2015

​​​​Greetings Pirates!

It's hard to imagine that we only have 3.5 weeks of school remaining! Where did the time go?!

Here are a few noteworthy updates and dates:

Please plan ahead for election day! It is very important that we get out to vote for the candidate that will be on our school board! Vote! Vote! Vote! We do have Reed paid PD until 5:30 pm, so please plan ahead! Polls are open until 8 pm and they open early too! Make a plan to VOTE! This is a critical election for our LAUSD Board Member position!

Playoffs (Congrats teams & Coaches!):

5/12 Volleyball @ home

5/12 Swim Pre-lims @ ELAC

5/19 Softball @ home

5/19 Baseball @ Cleveland

Modernization Meeting for SPHS Flagship:
On Monday, May 18, SPHS will host a community meeting regarding the modernization of our Flagship campus. The public meeting will begin at 6 pm in our Auditorium. I highly encourage anyone interested in our school's design features and building plans to attend this meeting. We know that members of our community will come and voice their opinions about our campus. We want to make sure our ideas and thoughts are heard as well! There will be a steering committee meeting held on Monday, earlier in the day. Ms. Ritz, Ms. Lanza and Mr. Weber have volunteered to be on that committee. If you are interested, please let me know.

Pirate Booster Club Scholarship Night:
5/21 @ Top of the Market

End of Year Staff Celebration celebrating Coach Rhea, Band Director Purdy, English Teacher Ms. Marin, & AP Naazir:
May 28 @ Michael's

Finals Schedule:
​Finals Schedule by Period Seniors 9th – 11th
Monday 5/25 Holiday Holiday
Tuesday 5/26 2 & 8
Wednesday 5/27 1 & 5
Thursday 5/28 4 & 6
Friday 5/29 3 & 7 3 & 7
​ ​
Monday 6/1 2 & 8
Tuesday 6/2 1 & 5
Wednesday 6/3 4 & 6
Thursday 6/4 Last Day of School
~ No Finals ~
Graduation @ 5pm ​

Senior Honors Program (Thanks Ms. Sampson!):
6/1 Auditorium

Senior Graduation:
6/4 @ Stadium, 5 pm (Thanks to every staff member that is volunteering to supervise!)

Pupil Free Day:
6/5 Meeting from 8-11 am in MPR @ Olguin

This is a contracted day, not an optional day. Verification of absence will be required for missed time.

Hope this helps to plan the last few days of school!

With Pirate Pride,

Jeanette Stevens

San Pedro High School
1001 W. 15th Street
San Pedro, CA 90731
310.547.3183 Fax

In the News + Graduation Information

​Hello Pirates,
​​​​Ms. Cheng has been nominated for a Presidential Innovation Award for Environmental Science by SC3! We are so proud of all of her work and accomplishments that enable our kiddos to shine in our community!

Mr. Crowley is on the FRONT PAGE of yesterday and today! Check it out!!! Here is the direct link to the article: He is flying to Chicago soon to pick-up his big award!!

Ms. Bruhnke is being recognized March 10, by the board of education for her wonderful Carlston Foundation National Award.

SPHS teachers ROCK!! Spread the word! Tell a neighbor! We have an AWARD WINNING STAFF!!!

Williams Inspection:

The inspectors came to our campus today to walk in over 60 classrooms. We received a rating of GOOD, which is much better than the FAIR rating we received last year! Thanks to all of our teachers that maintain safe rooms and especially to those teachers that took the extra time to clean up and clean out this past week!


This event is used to generate donation funds for the senior class of SPHS. These funds are used to pay for and greatly subsidize senior breakfast, extravaganza, flowers for the senior ceremonies, balloons, extra rentals for the actual event, professional programs, and so much more! It all goes back into the Student Store for STUDENT BODY USE. It provides the students with classy materials/food/jumpers for the events that they have anticipated all year long as seniors. We know our staff is extremely generous with a variety of charities and organizations. If you would like to participate, please let Mr. Jacobson know and you will receive a small amount of compensation as appreciation for your participation (not x time). If you are not willing to participate, that is perfectly acceptable! It is not a mandate, nor a requirement. I am sure that our students would love to see you, however we completely understand that this is optional, not required, nor tracked! No worries!

Graduation Time: We are going to vote one more time. It became apparent that students believed that a 5 pm graduation time would include fireworks. Not true. It won't be dark by 7 pm. We are asking for Econ/Gov teachers' assistance in taking one more vote ~ just to be sure that we are all on the same page. This is the last vote ~ no repeat votes from this point. Choices are 3:30 pm or 5 pm start.


Join SPHS in a live Q & A session with Kelly Gallagher! Bring evidence that you are using a strategy or two of his and you'll receive his new book! Schools with the most number of teachers in attendance can win excellent prizes! When: March 9. Time: 3:30 pm. Where: Toyota USA Automobile Museum, 19600 Van Ness Ave., Torrance, CA 90501. Please see attached flier! Refreshments will be provided.

REED Professional Development Update & SURVEY:
Unfortunately, the funding for payment for Module I has not dropped into our accounts yet. We are very hopeful to have the funding and the directions for payment this week. I will keep you updated on the process and the timeline to expect to see the five hours of x time. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a long night, but we made it!

We are about to receive Module II of the Reed PD. We have established tentative dates for the training and we are looking forward to solidifying the methods in which the delivery of the PD is to roll out for our SPHS staff. Please click on this link ( prior to Friday, March 7, 2015. It should only take a few minutes to state your individual preferences. All of your input will be shared at the Reed PD Planning Committee meeting that is happening this Friday, March 7, at period 6. Those teachers that respond will have their preferences shared with the planning team. Dates and groupings are all part of the survey! Please contribute your ideas!

Thanks for reading to the bottom!

Have a great ELECTION day!


Jeanette Stevens


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